Guest Blogger: How I Accepted My Flaws (and yours)

Hey Loved ones! Check out my all-new guest article on Nosy Josie’s site! Hope you enjoy, but above all, I hope you THINK.

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GUEST BLOGGER: Jontae Grace of My $.0.02

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my own flaws along with those that I notice in others.  There are already enough squeaky-clean relationship writers, so I’ll tell you an open secret about me.  I am really talking to myself when I write. I just substitute “I” and “my” for “we” and “our” and voila! You get phrases like, “we need to fix our communication” in place of “I need to fix my communication.” Everything that I have written has, or still does apply to me in some form. I got issues, y’all.

But who doesn’t? We wear masks during the courting phase, only to reveal scarfaces once our mates have committed to us. We slowly dump our flaws into their laps, hoping that they don’t notice, thinking that a slow trickle of dirt is better than a dumptruck of manure.

Yeah right


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