The Reality of Romps

By Jontae Grace

The thing I love about women is that each of them have different sexual energies. Some are nasty af and make you wonder where they learned it from. Others like to be ravaged, taken advantage of and violated (two points to them). Some know what they want and will make YOU their bitch. Quickies, marathons, and everything in between keep the excitement high. You never know until you find out, which is why men as a group keep trying.

But one thing is certain: sexual romps are all fun and games until someone catches feelings. The moment one person begins wanting more than sex from the other, is the moment things change for good. Be you male or female, it is wise to know the potential scenarios should you fall for it-or have someone fall for you.

Sexual energy is not to be played with. I know we live in a modern, faster, hoeish society, and are eager to show one another the business. I too am one who can show too much, too soon. But the reality is that sex is as potent a mindfuck as the physical pleasure it brings. Jobs, marriages, even lives have been lost to it, which is why we should all give serious effort to control our sexual urges.

The hardest time happens when you attempt to stop smashing said person. Most of us thank providence if there is mutual agreement, and a clean break on each side. It was good, both people got what they needed with no extras, goodbye. However, we all know this only happens once every 73 sexual encounters, on average. Most reactions can vary widely, so let’s look at the most common.

Females tend to play on your guilt. She will try to shame you for using her as a whore with no intentions for a relationship, even though she willingly gave herself to you. Often, she wanted more from the jump, and tried to use her honeypot as bait in hopes of hooking you. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But when she decides she has been wronged, things can get wild. So make sure your words and actions aligned, because you will have to defend yourself during the upcoming argument, which she has already scheduled.


Males tend to use your sexual submission as a contract of ownership over you. It’s the King Complex: he conquered it, so it’s his. And when he experiences a woman who does everything he likes done, he cannot bear the thought of another man enjoying that sexual energy. Many men will even expect you to keep your sexual energy for him only, while he continues to enjoy affection from many women. There is definitely a double-standard there, but that’s how it is. At this point, he usually gets possessive, territorial and generally apeshit. If you’re a woman, you might have to get tough and have a talk with him about his inability to just enjoy a good time. No woman likes a man who cannot control himself below the belt, so you might be able to shame him into manning up and accepting the facts: it was a good romp, and nothing else.

Either situation can be dangerous because it causes people to behave irrationally. You can end up getting much more than you wanted, because no one wants to end a satisfying sexual liaison too soon. It’s like quitting on the blunt-people get offended that you just hit it twice and passed. But you have to do what feels right to you. Only seek exactly what you want from sex, and don’t be led by another person’s wishes. Some people are cray-cray.




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