The Journey

Sex may sell, but fear sells even better. We live in a society that has created an environment of endless threat. And many of us, so thoroughly manipulated, have been cowed into buying things we don’t need, preparing for things that will never happen, and dogging the people we most love.

In the context of relationships, fear is everywhere. Were afraid that there are no good ones left, that men are secretly gay, all people have HIV, and the list goes on. But My $0.02 is all about empowerment. I will challenge you – not to accept my ideas as truth, but to examine yourselves and control your own destiny. My goal is to enable you to focus on things that you can control, instead of that which you can’t. And until my pen runs dry, that is exactly what I intend to do.



I will stand bare in order to clothe you with strength. Fair trade.


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  1. Socialkenny says:

    Deep stuff! That sums up everything I’d have to say.

  2. Megan Love says:

    Hi Mr. Grace. I enjoy your site and I am anticipating your next piece. In the interim, I’d like your insight on something I’m experiencing.There’s a guy that I love deeply. We’ve being going through a transitional period in life and were experiencing growing pains. We have our ups and downs, but overall he brings me joy. We get frustrated at times, but its nothing serious. I have a wide network of people I know in Atlanta sometimes that bothers him. I’m only interested in him and I’ve told everyone that he’s my one and only. Although guys approach me, I tell them I’m taken and be sure to let them know who my man is and that I’m happy with him. How do I reassure him that there’s nothing to worry about? I ywant him to feel honored,desired, and worry free. I have never met anyone like him and I’m head over heels about him. He’s the only man I thinks about, and for the first time in years, he’s someone I can be myself with and see myself with. I know we can overcome growing pains, but what can I do to make it better?

    1. @Meg- I would be glad to answer this interesting situation but I’d hate to butt in on someone else’s blog giving advice.

      Hopefully Mr. Grace will chime in shortly.

    2. Jontae Grace says:

      Hi Megan! First of all I would like to say thank you so much for reading My $0.02, I really appreciate it!

      Based on the info you gave me, it sounds like your man needs to be assured that his spot is secure, and that he is the only one for you. You have to find out what he needs to see/hear in order to ease his mind. (I’ll tell you a secret: for me, its going through my girl’s phone randomly. I need to check it every couple months to make sure she is acting like my queen). We all have insecurities on different levels, and sometimes we need to be reminded by our mates that we are the chosen ones.

      You also have to keep in mind that you can only do so much, and most of his insecurity (if not all of it) is something HE has to deal with on his own. I would start by giving him positive uplifting comments. Tell him that he is your king, and that you dont want anyone else. Do that constantly, but don’t overdo it. Also, you can do things like leave your Facebook open/phone unlocked so that he can see that you have nothing to hide. I know that sounds kinda extreme, but it works.

      In the end, it sounds like your man has a fine girlfriend, and he doubts whether he has enough physically, mentally or financially to keep her satisfied. A lot of women don’t understand that they hold their man’s ego and self-esteem in the palm of their hands, and you have the power to make him feel like a Pharaoh, or a scrub. Make sure you do your part to boost his opinion of himself, and you should be fine. Peace Queen.

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