-By Jontae Grace

I love my queens, but I also love trashy women. The moral-less, thirsty, suck-and-kiss type of trash with green contact lenses and blond Yaki. I know you might be completely puzzled given the content that I write on My $0.02, but there is a side of my sexuality that can only be tightened up by a ratchet-ass slore of a woman. And ladies, there is a good chance that every guy you know feels this way to some degree.

But some of us have sense enough to leave worthless women in their place, and not give them a throne. The important thing to always remember is that that class of women are only good for one thing, and often prove to be more trouble than they are worth. Lately, we have witnessed the emergence of quasi-porn stars gaining popularity (and even making money) by oozing complete and utter hoe tendencies. On TV, in music and even your social circles, it seems to be a race to the bottom to see who can out-nasty each other. And they even seem to come out ahead fairly often. They get the attention, the men who have the money, and you get nothing but replacement batteries for Ol’ Faithful.

Many of you women compare yourselves to these rats, wondering what she does that you don’t do, what she has that you don’t have, which is tragic because you start with the assumption that she has something that you are lacking. After all, that must be the reason why a good man would be involved with her, right? Wrong. The truth is, men choose that type of woman precisely because she is not you. There are some things that we will say or do to a slore that we wouldn’t dream of doing with you. In the end, you have to choose what you want to be most valuable for. I don’t want to talk education reform to a chickenhead, nor would I stick my thumb in my girlfriend’s butt. See the difference? We value different women for different things, and you can’t be a man’s everything because many of our preferences contradict.

A loose woman is like a playstation, and you know what happens to toys after they’ve been played once too often: they eventually break, lose their appeal, or get replaced by a newer, younger version. Instead, strive to be Microsoft Office to a man’s life: hard to figure out, even harder to master, but priceless to the one who works to understand all of your features. Be the gift that keeps on giving, because a determined man can prosper even with Office ’97.

Sometimes I scroll through my friendslist and smile upon the sticky memories of a long-ago hit-and-run, wishing I could re-create history. Those lewd acts and perversities still make my inseam bulge. But in the end, the Kat Stacks types come and go, but Omarosa is still around winning. And while I may have exchanged below-the-belt selfies with the Karrine Steffans of the hood, I will always fall for your type.


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  1. Nya Monea says:

    The inability to believe that I can be classy and trashy leave me a bit sad. While I can talk education reform, my thoughts on what a better administration be, I gotta admit,,, that a thumb in the ass can change the whole game, while the clock runs to score. The truth is the only true difference between women ballsy enough to just be ratchet is that all you are is never what can been see with the eye. By the way, I liked this.

    1. Jontae Grace says:

      Hi Nya! First of all, thanks for reading : ) Let me try to clarify this post so that I am clear with this.

      You COULD be a woman who offers both classiness and freakiness, but as a guy, I like those separate. The reason why is this: a trashy woman can be disrespected for the sake of sexual enjoyment. I can go all the way down into the gutter with her, then wash it off and go home. Even tho my Queen is willing to do that (maybe), I wouldn’t look at her the same. In fact, I don’t WANT to look at her like that. I want a trashy woman because she is trashy through and through. And I want a queen because she pure, noble, honorable, all of those things.

      It makes no sense, it is hypocrytical, but we men have been struggling with this for a long time. Its kinda like how women want a man with money, but complain if he works long hours. Its almost impossible to have it both ways. Blessings to you!

  2. Nya Monea says:

    OH, this is the saddest thing I have ever Heard. I just might shed a few tears. To have it all is the impossible feat. However, I love the part… I can wash it all off and go home. Interesting.

  3. cocomama81 says:

    This is an interesting perspective. While I do believe the trashy and classy woman can be distinctively separate I find that a woman who is really aware and embarrasses her sexuality enjoys some components of trashy. Surpressing the trashy in the classy lady is what leads to unfulfilled women who fantasize and at some point seek to explore if possible. A man who can cultivate the class yet embrace the ever so slight trash (not the cup run over kind) is one who understands women are just as sexual as men.

    This was really thought provoking. Thanks!

  4. Cecilia Lee says:

    I really enjoyed your view on the trashy and classy women. But, I have to agree with the two ladies. I believe that a woman should know her body and what it needs. The problem lies when a woman doesn’t know how to alternate and also differentiate between Classy to Trashy. There is a time and a place for everything. My motto is, “I’m a lady at all times!!!”, and no one can take that from me. If a man wants a queen that’s fine and dandy you just have to remember the saying, what you wont do anther will and never let your man leave the house hungry or horny.

  5. Simply Amber says:

    I enjoyed this one and I actually agree with you Mr. Grace. Maybe I am too reserved as a women but I don’t want to be treated trashy at all, not even a little. I also like the opinions of the other women. I have been told that I’m not freaky. I guess that’s the problem some of us separate it and prefer, guess you have to find someone that prefers what you prefer. I believe you don’t know what your missing until someone shows you. Society is over stimulated with sex therefore there are all these rules. I say make your own with your Queen or King!

    1. Jontae Grace says:

      Thanks for reading Amber! And you are so right, people need to make their own rules for their relationship, not let society/friends dictate them. And don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with being conservative in bed, everyone is different : ) Plus, there are men out there who are conservative as well, you just gotta find the the one who likes what you like lol.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, it means so much to me. I will keep on giving you good reads! Peace and blessings Queen.

  6. Flobody says:

    Again, you leave me with much to ponder. Thank you!

  7. Daddyola says:

    Sho nuff Ms Lee. Men are so simple. Feed em and f@#k em. Do this and a good man will put sun rays in a bottle for you or burn up trying. Good stuff Brother Grace

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