Submission and Cooperation (Book Excerpt)

Here is a teaser from my upcoming book project, as yet untitled. My $0.02 is active.

In the hundreds of ways in which men and women interact within a relationship, there are several elements that make it work. If you ask ten couples about the single most important element of their success, you might get seven different answers. But one in particular is a root cause of relationship success, and failure. Submission – the act of accepting someone else’s will over that of your own – is a key component through which no relationship survives without. And in today’s self-centered society, it’s becoming an extinct quality.

We must acknowledge that a major source of our relationship woes derive from deeply-rooted issues with possession and submission. It isn’t entirely our fault, in many ways we were programmed by our society and family. Our culture pushes independence and selfishness to the point that every man and woman in this country has become their own king, their own god. Anyone who violates our sovereignty commits a major sacrilege for which there is no redemption. We want to conquer all, but remain free ourselves.

But one thing to remember is that you cannot have a successful relationship with a man or a woman without surrendering some of your own independence and accepting the guidance, direction and- yes, rule of another. Don’t get caught up with semantics – the terms used to describe submission. Submission can very easily be described as cooperation…

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  1. Nya Monea says:

    Submission is something I think a lot of women lack in it’s correlation to the modern relationship. All this independent woman propaganda, leaves out the ideal goal to share a life with someone while maintaining a sense of self. I follow your lead and submission is apart of that. As a woman with independent thought, belief, and lifestyle; I can say, Submission is a characteristic of love.

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