Sneak Peek: New Piece

For the My $0.02 Faithfuls…

“Men become more promiscuous with success, but also harder to get. That is because he has spent his entire upbringing under the notion that he must pursue women. Once he becomes financially successful, his stability becomes attractive in itself, regardless of his personal/physical attributes. He becomes eligible for an entire class of women that were previously unlocked to him. He is no longer the hunter, he becomes the hunted.

So he begins to indulge in all the wetness being offered to him, all the while conscious in the back of his mind that these women are not with him for him, its his stability that is most attractive. It is an interesting mind-fuck in which every smile, every sexual conquest is a bittersweet reminder that he is not valued for his individual character, but rather his good fortune and material worth. As a result, he begins to develop a healthy distrust for women, particularly those who enter his life during the successful portion.”

Stay tuned for more…Image


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