Relationship Gumbo 3

Random Musings from Mr Grace.

No one exists independently of others. From birth til homegoing, you are judged by the quality of people in your life, and the only one you completely choose is your mate. Thus, he/she is YOU. I can look at your significant other and understand more about you in five minutes than three dates with you. You will be judged by the man or woman that you choose to represent you. It’s like Love Olympics: you can’t be a golden girl messing with a bronze kinda guy.

Sometimes we SAY we want A, B and C, but we go for X, Y and Z. Every woman knows at least one good man who would move heaven and earth for her. And every man has had at least one good woman who believed in his vision and would have followed him to the moon without oxygen. But the truth is, sometimes people aren’t always ready to make the life changes necessary to obtain or maintain that type of person. We want them to accept us and our flaws, yes, but you should only align yourself with the type that makes you want to be your best self. They should inspire you to make the changes that you’ve always wanted to, but didn’t have the willpower to do alone. Sometimes it is okay for someone to be your motivation; I’ve seen men transition from savage to civilized behind the right woman. But it also works in reverse.

I’ve always been taught to be very selective about the women I chose. Too many men have been ruined by the woman who slept in his arms. Or dead in the streets, a casualty of a feud with a dude over a ratchet who was only good for tightening up. And too many women have been dragged into the gutter by the niggas they loved. Now he got this Black Queen in a fog, popping pills, hoeing and all kinds of ish, forsaking her true purpose. That’s why you gotta be careful who you love. You can pass judgment, but until you’ve felt it, you’ll never know what its like to do anything for someone. I know; I tried to lasso the moon for Kiana.

When I was seven, I saw somebody get smoked on our front lawn. When I was nine it happened again, only this person was stapled to his front seat by a hand-cannon and left in a car in our rear driveway. So I’ve never been one to take life lightly. But don’t mistake my desire to love for thirst. If I never tasted another woman’s fountain again, I would stay hydrated for the rest of my days. The reason why I am so blunt is because I realize that at our best, man is but a vapor that will soon be gone. For what is a century among eternity? Why spend a quarter of your dollar getting hammered in the club and getting nailed in someone’s bed? Then you expect a man to wife you or a woman to give you your firstborn son once your youth is gone?

Where they do that at?

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