Mouthpiece and Game

I’m from the West Coast, and we are real big on “game,” the art of persuasion, and finding keys to locked doors. The power to talk your way into or out of favorable or sticky situations is a matter of great pride for us. We say that a man or woman who can speak effectively has a “mouthpiece,” and a good one can lead you anywhere you want to go in life, even The White House. But somewhere along the way, this ability got put into a box and was thought to only mean a man’s skill at manipulating a woman. In all honesty, that is perhaps the lowest form of game, and is only practiced by those who seek to use another as an on-ramp. I take issue with the fact that something I cherish dearly has been relegated to sleazy innuendos and ‘aye shawty’s, so allow me to shed some additional light on something we all have but rarely appreciate.

On the individual level, person to person, game is elevation. It is me telling you something you need to know in order to improve your life in one aspect or another. I tell my homie that a girl he is involved with is no good for him because of x-y-z. He tells me that I need to quit procrastinating and apply to law school. Boom, we just passed game back and forth. It is positive examination on how to take things to the next level in life. That is why it is important to surround yourself with people who are forward-thinkers and are strong in ways that you admire. Iron sharpens iron, and you can’t develop and maintain a strong mouthpiece associating with individuals who have nothing of substance to teach you about life. A smart person can step outside themselves and look objectively at their circumstances. But an even wiser person will bring in fresh pair of eyes to look.

Good game is instruction, and it costs. On the street level we call this “getting laced,” and it is valuable if you pay attention and put it into practice. You find someone who knows more about a particular issue that you are dealing with, and have them guide you into greener pastures. Before you write this off as a bunch of ghetto shit, allow me to draw an interesting parallel. A young pimp pays an older, more seasoned pimp for instructions on how to manage whores. A married couple pays a therapist to teach them how to properly communicate to save their marriage. A third-strike candidate pays an attorney to advocate on his or her behalf in front of a judge. In all these things, the individuals could have learned these things on their own. The information is widely available on self-representation in court, effective communication in a relationship, even proper pimping! But these individuals were smart enough to go find someone highly knowledgeable in the field, and get laced on how they too can get into, or out of, a situation. It’s the game, from the block to the boardroom.

I don’t like the word manipulate. It has a negative connotation of convincing someone to do what they don’t wanna do, and a good mouthpiece does so much more than that. I would venture to say that a good mouthpiece is about positive manipulation, because we are able to elevate someone’s life and/or provide valuable instruction. For example, we use our mouthpiece at work, speaking to customers, clients and superiors about why we are the perfect person or company to do business with. We might have goods and services that someone needs, and we have to convince them that you or your company is the best fit in providing it. But in life, as in business, you can’t bargain if you have nothing worth bargaining for.

That is especially true in our personal lives, when we try to use our mouthpiece to convince someone that we are the best fit for them. If you believe in your product (you) and know about your target audience (her or him), you can make a strong case for life elevation through heart combination. And then, once that person has agreed to tie into your life and double-knot it, your game and mouthpiece keeps things from falling apart when times get rough. I would never approach a woman if I didn’t feel that I would be anything less than the best for her. I want her to be happy and prosperous, even if it isn’t with me. It’s persuasion of the highest order, the ability to change and be changed for the better.

THAT, is a true mouthpiece.

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Knowing how to get it is one thing. Knowing what to do with it is quite another. Don’t waste her/his time.


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  1. Socialkenny says:

    As far as with chics,I don’t like using term manipulating neither.

    Afterall,they wanna be seducewd,gamed and banged,so it’s really not like we have a gun to their heads.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Yo bro’,check your spam folder on your blog comments on your dashboard and approve my comment that got sent to your spam.

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