From a Peasant to a Pharaoh

It’s about time we have a State of the Black Man Address. I won’t even bother with statistics and reality checks, this here is all about moving forward, wherever your place in life happens to be. If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past year, it is that any situation can be corrected. So let’s go in.

The blueprint is tried, tested and infalliable. It’s so basic, but only a fraction of the men who hear about it follow it. It is part mental and part physical, and I will tell you now: if your mind isn’t ready to accept it, your hands will not put the work in to achieve it. Because thought is the beginning of action, we will begin with the strongest asset you have: your mind.

You must condition your thinking to accept the fact that you are a Black Man, the Original Man, with all the honor glory and RESPONSIBILITY that goes along with the title. You are responsible to God, your race, your community, your Woman and your children to give your best effort in everything that you do. If you fail at something, it is your job to fail as spectacularly as you can. Mediocrity is not in your makeup. And whatever your current reality is, you cannot accept it as your destiny. You must see it for what it is: one hell of a success story in the making. Form mental pictures in your mind of the way you want your life to be, and the things you want to have, then think about it all the time. You will begin to attract that reality toward you, and your actions will begin to reflect the direction you are headed. Before you know it, you will begin waking up earlier, the PS3 will stay off longer, and you will begin to forget about people who don’t have something positive to contribute to your growth–much to their dissatisfaction.

I hope I didn’t lose your attention, believe me I toned it way down to keep you interested. It is difficult to talk about the power of the mind without sounding like a witchdoctor. But now we will move toward a more concrete, practical matter. You must, I repeat MUST, have your own place to live. I will elaborate, but when I was being given the blueprint I was told quite simply that a man is not a man if he doesn’t have his own spot. Sometimes the OG’s will only tell you what to do, not WHY it is essential that you do it. Once I was able to kick the idea around in my head, I saw that living alone gives you a base of operations and the space you need to do the growing that is required of a young man at our age. You have to be alone so that you can develop yourself, pray, cry, think, shit, and jerk off without locking the door for fear of moms or your girl walking in on you. Sure, there are situations that require us to live with others. but if you are not married, not with your baby moms, not a minor and not unemployed, you need to live by yourself. This rule has no exception.

I will only give one more rule today, because the blueprint is an evolving process of awakening and we need time to put the beginning pieces into play. Eventually, you will have get with a good Woman. It all comes back to that, and never trick yourself into thinking that you will reach half your potential without one. My teacher explained this to me in a somewhat crass way, saying, “You need a good, solid bitch.” Not everyone understands that we say Bitch as a general term for women when we talk amongst ourselves, so I have changed his word choice. But the integrity of his statement remains intact. A good woman is a godsend. And in order for you to win one, you have to start building yourself into a man deserving of one. That means that you also must minimize your romps with any vag you can talk your way into. There comes a point in time where you should have had all the nookie you need, and each time you get it from a stray, it has less and less meaning. Women are complex beings, and conquering them sexually takes so much more out of you than just semen. It distracts you from your ultimate pursuit of self awakening and moral/professional success. And let me stress this, its not about chasing a good woman; she will take interest in you if she is right for you. You can talk until youre blue in the face about how good you would be for her, but if she can’t see your vision, wish her well and work on self until you attract that moon willing to align herself with your planet. Believe me, you will thank your lucky stars.

I am at the very beginning of my mannishness. But my goal is to be the mannishest by the time I’m finished. You have those same desires within you, you just might not know quite how to make the vision in your head appear in front of your eyes. Understand that there are gonna be mistakes and foulups all throughout this process, but if you keep your mind focused on being the best you everyday, keep yourself sheltered clothed and fed by your own hands, and only associate with winners, you might can be the man that our ancestors would be proud of. See you at the top.

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I dunno about you, but my Empress is out there waiting for me. And I’m gonna make damn sure that she never regrets having chose me.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have that exact African bracelet I wore it to work the other day.. the gran white red and black one. Mine is from Kenya.

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