The Man’s Guide for Choosing a Good Woman

By Jontae Grace

One of the first insights from God about males is that, “It’s not good for him to be alone.” Society echoes this, as places with low marriage ratios have high rates of violence and crime. As jaded as marriage/long-term relationships have become in popular culture, they are still the best thing for a man. It grounds you, keeps you out of trouble and gives your energy a positive outlet. But the type of woman that you choose can be your greatest decision, or your undoing. Here are some tips to make your choice a good one.

The first thing we have to do as men is get rid of that kid-in-a-candystore mindstate. Yes, we are outnumbered(especially in higher education and professional jobs), but like the saying, “all money ain’t good money,” all women ain’t good women. I could care less about who is responsible for it, but the fact remains that there are some scandalous beezies out there. I’d take quality over quantity any day.

Number 2: Get a woman who listens and obeys.

Most women who read that just frowned. In this day and age, this rule is the biggest point of conflict in relationships. But the fact remains that there has never been two Presidents serving at the same time, nor has there ever been two Quarterbacks taking snaps at the same time. SOMEONE has to be the captain of the ship, and your woman wants it to be you. Ask any woman–especially a fine one, and she will tell you that no woman wants a man that she can manipulate and control. They get bored with that. So establish your principles and stick to them. Sometimes you gotta be Obama, and sometimes you gotta be Hitler.

Number 3: Find a woman who has a strong work ethic.

A lot of women nowadays think that all they have to do in a relationship is stay pretty and give their men some every now and then. And even more surprising, there are so many men who condone it. I understand the thinking, because when we find a fine woman we want to give her all we can to make sure she knows that she is appreciated.

Cut that shit out.

A woman has to go out there and get it just like a man. You have to demand the same work ethic of her that you demand of yourself. Which means that YOU can’t be a lazy nigro and expect to knock a Michelle Obama. People are out here grinding HARD to make a life for themselves, and you’re part of the same race. So when you lay down your expectations for the relationship, she needs to understand that her role is just as important to the financial success of the relationship as yours. Let those lazy women eat ramen. I want steak, and you should too.

Number 4: Find a woman who makes you feel like the greatest.

In his autobiography, Malcolm X worked in a whorehouse. During his conversations with the working girls he noticed that the customers (mostly married) didn’t come for the sex–they came because the prostitutes made them feel that they were the greatest men who ever lived. Our self-esteem is almost entirely tied up in how our women view us and if you’re with a woman who doesn’t understand that, eventually she will say or do something that will wreck your self-worth. Men need validation just as much as women do. We need to know that we still got all of her attention and affection. And because a lot of women don’t understand that, they ruin a mans ego with all the complaints and arguments. Attrition is a cold thing, and you don’t need a woman whose complaints cause you to question your manhood.

In conclusion, these women are HUNGRY for a good man. Supply is not keeping pace with demand. What else would make a woman sleep with a married man, knowing he’s taken? Some women would rather have a piece of a good man than all of a sucka. But brothas, choose wisely because our women have fallen victim to many of the same problems that we have. Remember, you are who you attract. If you want a good woman, you have to be a man who is worthy of her. Happy hunting.



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  1. Jacob says:

    You are on Point

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