Part Two: The Man’s Guide for Choosing a Good Woman

*This piece contains graphic language, and all-around real talk. Reader’s discretion is advised.*

In Part One, I explored qualities to look for in a good woman. But the best way to get one is to become a man worthy of a good woman. Here are some tips to maximize your chances of getting a wife instead of a baby mama.

The first and hardest thing you have to do is close the door on social/sexual relations with “friends”. You can’t devote your full energy to a good woman if you still have options. I know that at the beginning of a courtship, it is natural to keep a couple communication lines open with friends/jumpoffs. After all, you dont know if the new woman is a fly-by-night, a three-month rule or The One. You don’t wanna burn any bridges with your reserves in case you end up needing them again. But that is EXACTLY why you have to shut all that down completely in order to find a good woman. Here’s another reason why.

Many women only want other women’s men. And men, being the dumbasses that we are sometimes, think she’s all up on you because you’re you. The truth is, 1.) she wants to conquer you sexually to satisfy her underfed self-esteem, and 2.) she wants to embarrass YOUR WOMAN. Females can be very catty sometimes. They strut and posture, using their beauty and sexuality over other females to form hierarchies, the same way men use aggression and wealth to rank ourselves. Viewed this way, the male is almost a non-factor, aside from a nut and bragging rights. I mean, why else would she be tryna get you after never giving you the time of day before? As the saying goes, “nobody wants you til somebody wants you.” And if you fall for it then you don’t deserve a good woman anyway.

Now pay close attention, because this next lesson is very important, and I guarantee you will see this on the final exam of life. Money doesn’t make the world go round. Money AND Pussy make the world go round. It sounds crass, but it’s the truest thing you’ll ever find, and I put that on my momma. From an early age, boys are taught that money and wealth is the most valuable resource we can gain. Meanwhile, girls are taught that their wombs are their most prized possession. Both of us are told not to give it away to just anyone, and that’s what makes money and wombs such and even medium of exchange.

The Latin name is “Quid Pro Quo” and it means “this for that,” “goods for sevices,” or “one hand washes the other”. It all depends on how much value she places on her womb. Some wombs only cost a blunt and a Four Loko. Others, dinner and a movie for awhile. The priciest cost a wedding ring. Beyonce wrote that song for a reason! It’s like dignified prostitution, but cleaned up and accepted by society. I know I make it sound gutter, but that’s only if you imagine humans as anything higher than mammals looking for the best specimen to reproduce with.

So fellas, get your money straight. You cannot take on the responsibilities of properly loving a good woman and having a family until you do. Cash is for goldfish and guppies- they’re easily impressed by a few hundred dollars. But me, I want the whale-a good woman- and that means getting on the path to good credit, retirement pensions and investments. But fellas, as I warned you before, beware of sharks and piranhas because males aren’t the only predators out there, nor are we always the most dangerous.

Happy Hunting,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kai says:

    This is a wonderful article. It’s definitely real talk.

  2. Olea jackaon says:

    I love this!

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