Good Love Begins With a Good YOU.

We are at the age now where we’ve learned some very hard lessons. Good intentions are often punished, we hurt our personal progress more than we’d like to admit, and one mistake can alter the rest of our paths. It happens in life, love, money and relationships. A good portion of life is spent getting the shaft.

When it happens, it’s an uncomfortable feeling because it exposes vulnerabilities to circumstances both within and beyond our control. Our first reaction is to avoid it, and shield ourselves from the same result. Overtime, these emotional precautions become baggage. If there is one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that sometimes you gotta take one on the chin and come back for another one. And another one. How can you expect something extraordinary in life when you are guarding against it?

Love is no different. After a negative experience, we tend to build a hedge around our emotions so that they aren’t so easy to reach. The next time, we erect a fence. After that, we construct a retaining wall. Before you know it, you got barbed wire and sandbags around your heart, with a moat and drawbridge. Who wants to go through that just to get to know you??

The worst thing you can do is harden your heart to negative experiences. No one likes feeling vulnerable, but that is precisely what love is- exposing your innermost feelings and emotions to your significant other, and trusting them not to misuse that privilege. And you can’t do if you’re like Fort Knox inside.

As a male who enjoys relations AND relationships, I’ve let far too many good ones slip away, for no better reason than that I was young dumb and full of cum. Now that I’ve gotten most of my sexual goals accomplished, I’m seeing that those fireworks only make for good memories and little more. Nothing matters more than forging a lasting bond with someone, because *when your youth aka your sexual vitality is gone you are left with your character, and the relationships strong enough to outlast your youthful vigor*. That’s it. And if you choose wisely, it’ll be more than enough.

In that line of thinking, you can see how much the barriers you put in place can harm your opportunity to avoid said mistakes. It’s a tragic comedy, like being killed by the airbag. Dont become hostage to your fears and suspicions of other people’s motives. Believe it or not, most people are looking for extraordinary, not mundane. So tear them walls down, so a guy like me can tear them walls down. LOL

Sometimes you just gotta jump.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Olea jackaon says:

    😉 perfectly put!

  2. embraceyou10 says:

    Let the church say a glorious, AMEN!

  3. JoJo says:

    youre right on point!

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